Petrovice u Sušice

Petrovice settlement took place about the 11th-12th century AD At this time, probably gold panning in creeks Kepelském, Pstružném and murky. It was founded as a fortress and the settlement Potter Petrovický castle or fortress on the memorable Vysehrad.
     The oldest part of Petrovic, the lower village square, is from 12 to 13 century and is indicative of Slavic origin. About 14 wooden houses were built in a horseshoe shape, which is closed on the east side of the road to the dryer. To the northwest is the church houses přimykaly castle wall.
     The first written mention of Petrovice from 1319 states that the castle was captured Petrovice Albert Knight of Schönsteina Strakonice and put into prison. Written report Vojeticích is already year 1290.
     In the Middle Ages grew Petrovice north on the way to Kněžice, where they seat Kněžický farm owners and where it was until 1589 a parsonage.
      In 1848 they Petrovice 35 houses with 239 inhabitants. Together with the neighboring villages belonged to the estate knezice.